Caring about Children and Weight

Caring about Children and Weight was created to address the needs of overweight children and find solutions to the problem across the country. The scope for the project was huge and has enabled the information to be made available online via this website.

Childhood Obesity Initiative

Through this website we hope to bring the problems of childhood obesity to a wider audience in the hope that raised awareness of the issues involved will help in some way to reduce and prevent the problem. This can be achieved in part by creating a more healthy environment for all children and their families.

Better education, the thoughtful development of policies and environmental changes in local communities as well as on a larger, nationwide scale is necessary to bring about a positive change. At both local and county-wide aspects, efforts need to be coordinated and initiated for the prevention and reduction of childhood obesity to become a reality.

We have identified several areas in which positive initiatives can make a big difference in the incidence rate of overweight children.

It is helpful to establish active work groups in every local community to develop and apply best practices for maintaining better health. These groups can then leverage the resources available in order to shape a more healthy and brighter future for our children.

Where Do We Go Now?

Everybody deserves a decent shot for health. By educating and enlightening parents and school teachers and the children themselves to better, healthier and more nutritious ways of eating and drinking and greater awareness of diet with health overall, great improvements can be made.

There is much to be said for maintaining healthy life diets for the long term benefits they can provide. by making a healthy diet choice every time you are about to eat anything, you empower yourself to move toward a healthier body and a better physical figure.

The problems of childhood obesity and overweight children is something that is not going away anytime soon. This is as long as environmental pressures on parents to buy cheaply produced processed meals without sufficient education as to their impact remain. It doesn't have to be this way.

The Way Forward

The way forward is in maintaining a healthier house in terms of what children are eating and drinking and the way in which they are educated to view and understand nutrition. This website will continue to provide information in that area as well as options and alternatives that can be considered and put into practice where appropriate.

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Choosing a Diet

When it comes to choosing a healthy diet that is going to help your child to lose some weight, you can't just grab the latest must-have diet from a glossy magazine and jump all over it like a cheap suit. What you need to know from the get go is that no two people are the same and what will work for one person may not necessarily work so well for someone else.
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Graphic Food Management

Making use of graphic images of healthy food could be one powerful way of weaning overweight children off junk food and onto healthier options. Children are influenced more by the things they see than what they read or what is told them, so making use of popular social Internet sites like Pinterest and diet related boards can certainly do a lot of good in that area. They certainly will help to increase awareness that healthy food can also look--and by association--taste great.
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Feeding Babies on Solids

There's no arguing with the idea that starting out in life with a healthy, balanced diet is a big positive for setting the stage for growing into healthy children, teenagers and adults. It's just one aspect of laying the right foundations among many others that can make a big difference to how healthy a child may be as he or she grows older. While you can get a lot of information on parenting new babies online from site like, it's also important to look into nutrition and portion control even at this early stage in a child's life.
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Self Image of Health

One way of combating the problem of childhood obesity or for that matter, overweight children is to help them to cultivate a better self image of themselves and their level of health. Often, overweight kids will have a low self esteem, often brought about by bullying or taunting that can happen most often at school or in the school playground. Children can be very cruel to one another without giving it a second thought, so while there may not be much you can do about bullies, there is something you can do about your child.
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Super Sizing Soda

There is one aspect to diet that is making a huge impact on the way our children are getting heavier and growing towards obesity. That aspect is soda. Soda is such an integral part of society, it is difficult to even imagine how this can even be considered a problem, but it is. Why soda is such a big problem and why it has been steadily getting worse over the last 10 years or so is the basis of this article.
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Super Sizing Meals

One of the major impacts on the way in which children are eating themselves into ever more overweight bodies is in the trend by fast food restaurants to promote super size meals as being better value than regular size meals. This is an angle that they know will be hard to ignore by today's cost conscious consumers and one that appeals to the sensible logic that a bigger meal costs less pound for pound than its smaller alternative.
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